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Performance Indicators

CARF Accreditation

CHS has completed CARF accreditation and has passed with flying colors! CARF was founded in 1966 and currently accredits more than 5,000 providers at more than 18,000 locations in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and South America. More than 6.5 million persons of all ages are served annually by CARF-accredited providers. CHS has exceeded their rigorous standards in areas including leadership, strategic planning, input, legal requirements, financial planning, safety, recipient rights and accessibility. CHS received the highest accreditation of 3 years. Please review some of the comments from our survey:

"CHS is providing exceptional services for persons with severe disabilities and is dedicated to addressing the needs of persons served, protecting their rights, and promoting optimal independence and quality of life for persons served, their families, and other concerned individuals. Family members report that they feel like an important part of the program, and they report there is excellent communication and follow through from the staff."

"CHS has an outstanding employee opinion survey. There are a number of open-ended questions, including a request for input on how to improve the organization."

"CHS has an excellent relationship with funders and community stakeholders and has worked hard to become the provider of choice. Community stakeholders are attracted to the strong sense of values infused with the CHS program of services. Comments included "CHS is the best provider in the county." "Joe is a man of integrity, he is generous and he cares about people."

"The persons served express a high degree of satisfaction with services and have great confidence and respect for the staff members of the organization. One person served said, "they are the best staff I have ever had, and they take care of me so well. The staff members help me with everything and they customize services to whatever I need. They know every consumer well and are on our side." Another person shared that. "They help keep me sane. You wouldn't believe how messed up my life used to be. When all you have is pain, they do something to help you back - to help you out."

"The services are provided by professional, competent, compassionate and committed staff members who take great pride in the supports they provide. It was evident during observations of staff and client interactions that staff members are committed to providing quality service. The energy and warmth of staff members and their attentiveness to providing quality supports for individuals who have unique needs, challenges, and strengths were evident and impressive. A new staff member explained, "Compassion is one of the things that marks this agency at all levels. People who work for CHS get attached and really care about the people they work with. To me the job is just so rewarding."

"A guardian group, representing a number of persons served by CHS, indicated great satisfaction with the services provided and the communication with staff members. One guardian said, "CHS is on the top of our list when it comes to selecting a provider. They have stable staff members who are willing to take on some of the most difficult cases. They keep people moving forward with their lives and help them live healthier, better lives."